Monday, November 14, 2011

Manic Monday!

On the list for today:
Reference Page for my Research Paper
Descriptive Linguistics Online Exercises
Descriptive Linguistics Online Quiz
Math Homework
2 3pg. Author Analysis Papers
Then work from 4-7.

So far I have finished items 1,2 and 3.. I will begin item 4 shortly.

My brain hurts already.
But I must tread on!

Tell me something.. is everyone this busy specifically today, or are manic Mondays the usual for everyone?

I am having to do all this work today in order to pace myself for the wonderful weekend my girl cousins and I are having!
Thursday we will be watching the Midnight Premiere of the twilight saga movie #Breaking Dawn. (eeeeek!) I am excited to say the least.

Friday morning we are going to be traveling up to San Antonio to see Jake Owen and Brantly Gilbert in concert.

While we are there I have every intention to shop around, eat well, and not worry about coming home to a truck load of homework.

Happy very manic monday everyone,

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