Sunday, April 10, 2011

lauren presents: the best place ever--camp zephyr

This weekend I had the chance to make my way up to Zephyr for a work weekend, and boy was it work! I had it in my mind to barrage the multitudes with beautiful photos of lovely Camp Zephyr, but I quickly got caught up in the amount of work the staff needed to do.

I did, however, manage to take a few photos! enjoy :)

                                                                  one way to zephyr!
don't forget the music..
a few cds later and we are seeing signs for lagarto.. hooray:)
FM 3162 stuck behind a bus--but the sky is looking big, blue, and beautiful.
in about 20 minutes time, the gates, at last!
more camp beauty 
**double sigh**

There is more to Camp Zephyr than green grass and full, beautiful trees. It's a place for lots of fun, making friends, and hanging with fellow Christians. Myself, and plenty of others, have the Lord to thank for the blessing of Zephyr.

If you have not been and would be interested in it here is a link to the website.
Take a look around the site and see what the camp has to offer you.

Also, be sure to become a fan of Camp Zephyr on Facebook! 
By becoming a fan you will be able to see updates from camp (i.e. groups that visit, renovations, and of course the gorgeous campus.)


  1. oh zephyr love :)
    it was good seein' you this weekend! summer '11 is almost here!

  2. thanks lib! it was great seeing you out, you are always looking so fab;)
    cant wait to see you again soon!