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Birthday Blog and Lessons

Today I turn twenty-seven years old. A few birthdays ago, one of my friends asked me "what did you learn this year?" When she asked me that question I wasn't prepared because birthdays are about presents and not life lessons, right? I don't remember exactly what I answered, but I do remember her question. I have made it a new birthday tradition to take some time to reflect on that question, what I have learned, and experiences I have gained throughout the year. As I sit here typing this I think of the experiences in year twenty-six - getting engaged again, work, leaving a job, unemployment, illness, diagnosis, wedding planning, wedding, marriage. This year has been packed.
Sometimes I feel as though I have managed to squeeze more experiences into this year than should be allowed in a 365 day period.
As most of my friends and family already know, I was diagnosed with a chronic disorder back in January. At the time of my diagnosis I was in desperate condition. My prim…

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