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My Husband and I Fold Our T-Shirts Differently

Read the blog to learn why I have captioned this photo as "Exhibit A"
It's been about two weeks since I wrote my last blog so I have been meaning to write one sooner. When I started my blog back up I said I was going to make it a weekly thing. I got about three blogs in before I broke that promise. It is so hard to keep promises sometimes, even small ones I make to myself.

The past week I have been trying to think of what my next blog will be about. In my previous ones I have written a lot about my chronic disorder I was diagnosed with at the beginning of this year. That diagnosis has majorly defined a lot of my experiences and lessons I have learned in 2017. However, I wanted to take a break from that area of my life to write a little about another major thing that has defined 2017 -- my marriage.

I think 99.99999% of you know J and I were married on August 18th because I gushed about it all the time in person and on Facebook and I am still currently gushing about it. …

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